Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Real Catwoman

Special post today! Today (actually, April 8th) is my girlfriend Jen's b-day. She's a real trooper in that she's working hard on her animation projects on her birthday. I'm getting into caricatures so I thought I would start with my favorite person....Jen! The whole process is really fun for me; I start with reference sketches of the subject until I can draw the person easily without resorting to copying a photograph. Then I start to notice parts of the person I like and that have great design potential. Finally I choose a pose and push those features to make it a solid design. This isn't nearly finished yet, but I like the drawing and hope to polish it soon. Jen, I hope you like this! <3.


language is a lie, said...

I love it; but you should totally beef up the eyes in the BG and the line weight in her eyes/hair.

It'd be 100% epic.

You should stick with this style you have going on; your not-Teatrio panels have the same feel to it.


Charla Pettingill said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tim! This piece looks awesome.

And thanks for the feedback on my promo card!! It was a little ho-hum about it, but your feedback made me feel much better. =)

I hope you and your lady had a great Easter!