Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iran Bomb Finished!

Two versions of the final.  Literally just a click of the mouse and I can toggle between the two.  Personally, I like the bottom version (the one where I dropped out the black ink in favor of color lines).  I'm pretty happy with the end result.  

I've decided I'll have two methods of working for my portfolio.  The first being this kind of polished, ready for print method that is very clean and simplified (seen above).  The other method is more like the paintings I've posted from life.  I like to take the more stylized figures I do and give them a realistic rendering.  This guy gets what I'm going for:

*The artist from the link is a Disney story artist, Sam Nielson.  This guy inspires the hell out of me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Iran Away From That Country With The Bomb

I like this composition a lot more.  It took me at least a whole day with this new sketch because the bomb was shaped like a penis (which is fine, but it's not the statement I wanted to make).  The action and emotion is more apparent in the figures and I like the wings of the bomb as armrests (a lot more subtle than a bomb shaped crown!).  

I will start inking this one today or tomorrow and hopefully start another editorial soon.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In honor of Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are is now on DVD.  I cannot give enough kudos to this movie.  The production design by itself blows me away.  I've been working on editorial illustrations for some time, so I felt like taking a break by drawing what interests me: monsters.  Not Hannibal type monsters, but just beastly, fangs and claws types.  It's great to test and push me on shape relationships and silhouettes since I'm not bound to the human anatomy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Ahmadinejad and Nuclear Weapons Don't Mix.

Actually, I don't like the idea of nuclear weapons at all.  No one should have the power to do what the US did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The article came from Slate and it explained why it's a bad idea for Iran to have enriched uranium leading to nuclear weapons.  Ahmadinejad has always worried me as a leader, since he pledged to dismantle the state of Israel.  Now imagine this zealot with a bomb.  Yeah...scary stuff.

This is kind of a rough sketch (for me).  You can see some things I haven't worked out (the playdoh clump I call Ahmadinejad's hand), but overall I like the mood and the composition. I'm trying to work faster, which means I have to do battle with the perfectionist in me. 

P.S.- There's some repetition of imagery in the crown.  Too much?