Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Years, Time for a Logo Update

I'm working on a new website, promo card, and business card.  I figured the first place to start on updating should be my logo.  I wanted to actually make this guy a character and have flow, contrast, and personality to him.  

I haven't decided if he should just be a head or a full figure.  With the head alone, the logo occupies the space of a square, which is more common with logos.  On the other hand, the full figure makes a nice silhouette.  Bah!  Anyway, do me a favor and zoom out on the logos to about the size of a stamp (that's what I've been doing tonight, haha).

1 comment:

SwithDrawn said...

Nice! For the business card, definitely go with the full body character - the one with just the head is rather ambiguous.