Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Really high quality animation has been taking over my life at the moment. Thursday I went with Jen to see the senior animation show for the Savannah College of Art and Design (www.scad.edu) and Friday was Pixar's UP. So it makes perfect sense that I drew two animation directors today, one from the west and one from the east. It's really great when, as my brother puts it, some is already a caricature and you just push the edges a little bit. I'm curious to see how I'll do with a real bland face (maybe offset the face with some explosions and tigers?).


Yukiko Adachi said...

LOVE IT! I remember in Drawing & Design class I sat next to you and you did Hayao Miyazaki! Damn that was forever ago. I think this version is infinitely better!

Tim Mitchell Jr. said...

Ha, thanks. You've been commenting every time I post these and it's appreciated. :D

BTW, I still have that gouache and color pencil Miyazaki. I agree with you.