Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOST Caricature

This is a caricature of Daniel Faraday from LOST (who I sincerely hope the writers didn't kill off last week). Faraday is a physicist who comes to Magic Island to study its unique properties and, thanks to some time-traveling, tries to alter the course of history to prevent the crash of Oceanic 815. Yes, now I'll stop talking about the show because I sense the non-fans are annoyed.

The actor Jeremy Davies has a very unique face and definitely contorts it in amusing ways when he's thinking or perplexed. This face in particular is my favorite, the "oh crap this island is going to kill us all" look. Check out the images below to get an idea of what his character looks like and compare to the drawing. That's what I've been doing for most of yesterday, haha.

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Yukiko Adachi said...

Ooo lookin' good! I love that you have a meaningful background and that you gave your character somewhat of a gesture. Will you be turning this into a finished piece (you should)? One microscopic suggestion if you do: Maaaaaybe make his eyes a bit smaller. You got his expression dead on though!