Friday, May 22, 2009

More caricatures! I have to say, this is a good way to loosen up in preparation for more involved pieces. The first two were done on Wednesday actually. The last one (I sincerely hope you know who it is) took 3-4 attempts before I got one I was comfortable with. Check the comments for the names of these people and thanks to those who commented for the last ones!


Tim Mitchell Jr. said...

From top to bottom: Tina Fey, Ben Linus (the actor is Michael Emerson), Leonard Nimoy version of Mr. Spock, and the incomparable Barack Obama.

Yukiko Adachi said...

Good jobbb!!!
Also you reminded me I've been trying to draw Zach Quinto forever, not as Spock or Sylar but as himself (he's the guy I was talking about in my previous comment).

language is a lie, said...

Spock > Obama.

Sayin' it again.