Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Secretary of State

I have a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton.  She gets things done and seeks reform tirelessly.  I'm sure some people don't like her because she's brutally honest, intelligent and tenacious.  That's fine if you're Teddy Roosevelt, but if you're a woman people feel threatened and consider you scary.  I think that's why things are so ass backwards and Sarah Palin has the popularity that Hillary Clinton doesn't.  

So today I draw one hell of a diplomat.  I drew her stern because that's when she operates the best, a harsh but fair speaker and negotiator.  Any suggestions for a political figure tomorrow?


Chris said...

Nick Clegg! If he become PM, you'll have a jump on everyone else.

Tim Mitchell Jr. said...

Nick Clegg. Ho boy, I don't think I know a thing about his platform. The voters don't either, it's hilarious and terrifying. Please let Labour win.