Friday, May 14, 2010

Yay for Input! Also, Cartoony Darwin is looking awesome.

So, this one went through a lot of ideas before coming to this drawing.  After suggestions from Andrea and Jen, I finally decided that this drawing isn't about Christianity being forced into schools; it's about conservatism.  Jen reminded me that you have to be obvious with editorials.  I made the teacher into more of a Texas politician (someone who doesn't belong in the classroom) and added an elephant trunk as a bookmark.  Andrea suggested I make it more apparent that we're in a classroom so the chalkboard, linoleum floor, and bookbag were added.  

Color has always been difficult for me, but in this case it helped me understand where the focus needs to be in the illustration.  That is for sure the girl, as she is the one that these changes will invariably impact.  Once again, thanks for the input.  Sometimes illustrations flow out, sometimes they take some hardcore refining (more refining to come).

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